National conference for European Job brokers in Sweden

CQJB Workshop took place in Folkuniversitetet, Uppsala, Sweden 22 September 2020. The workshop was dedicated to Certification and Qualification for Europe’s Job Brokers project, its future implementation in Sweden.

The organisation of the workshop was done by the employees of International Department of Folkuniversitetet. The preparation started 3 months before the event and included the contacting participants, dissemination of the event, invitations, reaching out the stakeholders. The topics for discussion during the workshop, materials and speeches were carefully planned. The external speaker was also invited to facilitate the event. The refreshments and coffee-break was prepared by staff as well as location and technical support was planned and prepared carefully.


Agenda for the event was meticulously planned by group of Folkuniversitetet experts to ensure the interest and effectivity. The main parts of the agenda included:

- Arrival and registration

- Welcoming part followed by Josef Åhman, Rector of Folkuniversitetet. The rector gave a speech to welcome the participants, described in short the project, overall profile and mission of Folkuniversitetet.

- Who are Job brokers and why do we need them? by Ali Rashidi, Director of International Department of Folkuniversitetet

- Coffee break with mingling was organised for the participants

- CQJB mission and the importance of an Association of European Job Brokerage Certification Authorities by Alina Vakoliuk, Project manager

- Round table – Discussion and Conclusions

- Networking over coffee and refreshments.


The workshop was a place for live discussion between stakeholders, participants and project developers. The attendants were interested and inspired by the role of job broker in society. Many pointed out that it is especially relevant now in CoVid-19 aftermath, when there is clear a big shortage of skills and unemployment at the same time. The consequences of crisis make a lot of individuals disadvantaged and complicates the situation of those who were already in disadvantage. All these factors make the role of job broker extremely important. Many had stressed the importance of the educational course and certification for CQJB. Others also expressed the interest in an Association of European Job Brokerage Certification Authorities. Participants had pointed out that it can have big potential both in Sweden at local scale and at European level.

The facilitators of the event included rector of Folkuniversitetet, Ali Rashidi, Director of International Department of Folkuniversitetet, Alina Vakoliuk, project manager, Ivo Zander, Professor of Bussiness Studies of Uppsala University and Reza Jafari, social worker of EKFB Uppsala.