Certification & Qualification for Job Brokers? We want to see more!

On December 4th abif conducted an online information event for Job Brokers and interested Stakeholders. The “Quick Update – Job Broker” intended to inform about the European Job Broker Joint Qualification (qualification profile, curriculum & training materials, ISO-17024 certification scheme) and to give an outlook about plans of the partnership for the future and the respective European Association of Job Broker. In addition abif also wanted to use the opportunity to gather a broader feedback from the target group. A total of 33 participants from Austrian and also Germany, mainly consisting of managers or practitioners who work in frame of public funded employment programmes, many in the role of a Job Broker, but also representatives from stakeholders (Austrian Trade Union, Educational Counseling Lower Austria, University of Teacher Education Lower Austria, Youth Coaching) took part in the event. After a short presentation by Martin Stark a discussion on potential benefits of training and certification opportunities for Job Brokers, but also on concerns the target group might have, was facilitated. Only a small number of participants expressed concerns, especially about the potential costs and whether such certification could become mandatory for job brokers. The majority welcomed the provision of specific training and certification opportunities for Job Brokers very much and is looking forward to the implementation of Job Broker trainings and certifications on a larger scale in Austria.