The Chamber involves its technical committee in the implementation of CQJB project

The European Union's project service of the Chamber of Commerce of Zaragoza manages and coordinates the European projects in which the Chamber is involved. However, those departments and services which, according to their technical skills, are considered to be the most suitable for successfully achieving the expected results of the different projects, participate and collaborate in the implementation of these projects.

Since the very beginning of the CQJB project, the collaboration with the training and employment department was close and continuous. Additionally, the Chamber's management considered that it could be interesting for all the departments to know the project in depth. The idea is to make the whole Chamber feel identified with it, so, in the framework of the technical committee meeting (5th February 2020), the head of the EU projects service explained the actions carried out and planned related to the implementation of the pilot action of the CQJB project.

In addition to the Chamber's management (Secretary General and Directorate General), this committee includes all the organisation's senior staff (directors and heads of service), as well as those external experts who collaborate with the institution on a regular basis in the provision of certain highly specialised services. In total, 16 people attended this meeting.

The project in general and the piloting action in particular were highly valued by all areas. Additionally, the head of the Training and Employment Department anticipated some questions related to a possible future commercialisation of the certification of this new figure in the labour intermediation market.