CQJB Pilot in Berlin

The pilot of the job broker training in Berlin took place between December 2019 and March 2020. A total of 14 candidates participated on that, 10 women and 4 men in the age between 28 and 61. The most candidates worked in different organisations and in different functions like job coaches, pedagogical consultants, and PR consultants. Three of them were freelancer as therapist, coach, and pastor.

Their professional experience ranges from a few years to several decades and they worked in different fields like labour market policy service provider, service provider for education, retraining, social affairs, service provider for culture, art and education through volunteering, job promotion and federal voluntary service, service provider for job promotion and structural development.

The students liked the holistic approach of the job broker and the overall structural construction of the training; the pleasant mix of entertaining information, active cooperation of the participants and individual work in the self-directed learning activities and in the work-based learning. They were positive about the mixture of classroom learning and self‐directed learning because learning by doing is very effective and in the classroom, they could share the experiences and could learn from each other.

For them it was good to benefit from the colleagues’ experiences and they said that they were grateful for to have the opportunity to participate on the training.