Despite all the inconveniences, Spain got the first European Job Brokers!

The Chamber of Commerce of Zaragoza (Spain) was the first partner to complete the piloting period despite all the inconveniences and unforeseen events caused by the COVID-19 crisis in the country.

The Chamber involved 10 professionals, all of them came from public organisations. Nine out of the ten candidates work in the Regional Public Employment Services, among them, one is the EURES Counsellor of the region. The tenth is the Head of Employability Service of the Chamber of Commerce of Zaragoza.

The qualification and certification process were not easy to develop. Once everything was ready to start with face-to-face sessions in Spain the lockdown measures at home forced to change the methodology.

In this way, the qualification process as such started on 23th March,2020. The person appointed by the chamber as mentor previously introduced the project, the aims, the new training methodology and explained how the piloting process would work. The candidates and the mentor used ‘google drive’ platform to interchange training documents and relevant information on the topic. The mentor uploaded one work area per week. Also, on a week basis, participants were given feedback and impressions were interchanged. Moreover, this mentor monitored the whole piloting process and was available by phone and mail to answer any doubt or problem that may arise throughout the process.

Additionally, once this qualification process was fulfilled by all the participants, an expert in the employment field carried out several online sessions. The main aim of these additional training sessions was to reinforce some topics that were identified as more challenging for the participants, share experiences, go in depth with some specific issues, solve doubts.

At the end, the certification process started with the oral exam, the interviews, that were carried out on Wednesday, 17th of June. Thanks to the support from our Greek ISO partner ACTA we managed a perfectly smooth conduct of the first ISO examination, which, of course, was carried out online on Thursday, 18th of June.  All of them successfully passed the examination and became the first certified specialists in Job brokage in Spain and EU.